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google skyengDid you type "Gogglesky"? Maybe you were searching for "Google Sky": no problem! To know in deep the new software have a look to:

If you have never installed it and you want the more recent version then download Google Pack that will allow you also to have the last version fo Google Earth:

Google Sky, the new free feature Google Earth, opens a new way for the famous earth navigator, in fact it is passed from navigation of the Earth to the Universe. Walking between stars there's a lot of adventures that the humanity has tried to tell and to reflect in his heores.

it something like a videogame, explore and play... it's like music because you can discover the places when your favourite singer will sing... It can help you about your holiday because you can watch with your eyes the real photo around the world...from the earth and sky... everywhere!

Other related words are: goglesky - googleskj - googleski... these words conduct to the same Google Sky! : )

Fon any contact: