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Google Sky Features

cielo terraAlternate Sky and Earth

All begins just from this button

Everything begins just from those little button in the image on the left: "Alternate Sky and Earth".

People who love astronomy will know that exist various types of sky: that summery and that winter one; both offer a completely different galactic landscape...Not only! There is even a north and a south hemisphere. According to the point of the earth tuou will see  different stars and constellations. For sure an Australian man won't see the Pole Star.

Google Sky shows to your eyes the wonderful sky and the amazing stars according to the point of the world you stay.

pianetiPlanets Movements

Click on "play" and admire the universe

With Google Sky you can see the exact position of planets of our solar system. As you can see in the nearby image, there is a sort of "play" that stars the planetary motion.

The position is strictly connected to the date and the place of observation. It's possible that some astrologer could even see the alignment of planets and drow his incredible conclusions.

orioneLet's take a look to the Constellation

Learn and recognize constellations

Nel pannello in basso a sinistra vediamo la possibilità di attivare un paio di funzioni molto, molto simpatiche: Linee di costellazioni - Nomi di costellazioni.

This simple image on the left represents the world-famous Orion constellation, get famous with miths and Pharaohs legends. Many ledengs tell that the Pharaohs was from Orion constellation..

Stop now with legends and imagination and think about at all the functions that we can use with Google Sky. We can learn all about constellations and, why not, make an impression with girl looking the stars ;)

hubbleThe Eye of Hubble

Postcard from the space

At last the most beautiful characteristic of Google Sky: the Hubble Eye, a wonderful gallery of amazing pictures come from the space. Galaxies, stellar winds, black holes and much more... everything that's impossible to see to the naked eye now is possible. With Google you can

On the right, clicking on Hubble Eye you can see a lot of incredible images. Searching and scanning you can even find some Galaxy not present in the software. Good Luck and good GoogleSky!

If you have never installed Google Earth so you can use Google Pack: