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google sky engGoogle Sky: Get essencial software!

Because a lover of the nature and skies would not want other that to be able to explore them. (Allan Quatermain 1901-1986)

GoogleSky is free
and is one new features of Google Earth 4.2 that allows to explore the sky, walking between stars, constellations and galaxies.

Google Sky, the new free feature Google Earth, opens a new way for the famous earth navigator, in fact it is passed from navigation of the Earth to the Universe. Walking between stars there's a lot of adventures that the humanity has tried to tell and to reflect in his heores.

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I love very much nature and skies and this instruments is the most beautiful thing I could hope to explore the universe. to learn more and more and be dumbfound and to be admired of infinity of the cosmos, of its colors, its infinites mysteries that they always give pat of the the humanity legends, that they give one explanation through myths and legends.

If you have still some doubt on the quality and the experience of the new Google Sky - please - watches these screenshots: they are some beautiful images that can be seen with the new function Google Sky. Download it.

In order to explore other planets visits: Moon Map and Mars Map - Good travel :)

Tells us your story…

You know some history, legend. myth or fable… about some star or constellation that you have seen with GoogleSky? Please, write us your story by mail! We will publish it as soon as possible!

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News on the new function Google Sky

With Google Earth 4,2 the function Google Sky is active. Here of continuation one short collection of the written more important articles in the world:

[ SOON! ]

Falling in love under the stars… yes, but what stars?

The sky and the stars are from always matter of inspiration and conquest from part of the young people. What is beautifulr that to watch stars and to sussurare romantiche phrases?

Yes. but between a romantica phrase and the other is need of a pizzico of wisdom, it knows that the women are fascinated from the males that they know… and here one then short collection, but much profit, of things to tell for being cultured and romantici: winning exacta..

[ SOON! ]

The Stars and Civilizations

We trace hour relative a synthetic picture to myths and the legends tied to stars and the constellations derived from the Greek tradition which, through the Roman and the Arabs has then influenced all the European culture.

It is well to premise that the star groupings in constellations are a completely accidental operation: ciascuna culture in fact has composed its figures to which it has given to a name second the own fantasy…

news News Collection

The videos that speak about GoogleSky

There are many videos that speak in all the languages about the function sky in Google earth.

Here a litte collection to explore Google sky feature:

Collection of Link Video

Collection of Galaxies

Taking a walk between stars I have seen things incredibly beautiful, but we have to search a lot in order to find a beautifulst absolute.

Here my favourite ones : Link Galaxies

The scientists

A special thanks is for the technicians and scientists who, in collaboration with Google, are working for this project.

Especially George Djorgovski.

Scanning the heavens
Article that speaks about Djorgovski. New York Times

Making Mistakes...

I'm sure you know the right name but maybe you could wrote guglsky, gugolsky or googleskai. Anothers funny names are googelsky and gogglesky.

Sorry if I wrote these words, but it was just to help you :)